APRIL 9, 2019: Dark Cloud Malthouse is pleased to announce that is has secured funding for a new 3 Ton malting system and will be moving forward with a malthouse expansion over the summer of 2019. As part of this effort we will be hiring a full-time malthouse manager and several part-time maltsters.  More details on the expansion to follow!

FEBRUARY 21, 2018: The Maryland Law is still catching up to other states when it comes to repealing prohibition-era restrictions on brewing and distilling. Dark Cloud Malthouse is for the sensible deregulation of breweries and distilleries - these are the small businesses that allow us to operate.  On February 23 the Maryland House Economic Matters Committee will hear several bills which could positively impact the brewing industry in the state of Maryland.  DCM has prepared a written statement and will appear February 23 in Annapolis to speak on behalf of the industry that keeps us in business.  A link to our statement is available below.