Maryland Agriculture


The goal of Dark Cloud Malthouse is to provide locally sourced, high quality raw and craft malted grains to the craft brewing and distilling industry.  

Dark Cloud Malthouse was founded by local Maryland engineer, Danny Buswell and local Maryland brewer, Jesse Kaiss.  Most Maryland brewed beer and distilled spirits are crafted using grain grown and malted thousands of miles away.  Danny and Jesse decided to create a way to introduce local grains to the Maryland / DC craft beverage market.  

The malthouse is located on the same farm where most of our barley is grown.  We also work with local farmers in Maryland to source other specialty grains.

Malt is produced in small batches and tested rigorously to ensure quality standards are met.  We encourage commercial brewers and distillers to email us directly for our current malt availability.  Homebrewing folks can find our malt at Maryland Homebrew or reach out to us on social media to find out more about special malt runs.